It's Probably Best If We Keep This To Ourselves - Earthling Brains Volume Three (2013)

More of the mundane captured in three-panel comic strip form. Includes supergrubs, running stories, mutant burgers, and Springsteen strategy. Collects #101-150 of the autobiographical webcomic.

The Long Night Is Over (2013)

A comic and music album in one! Why bother with a CD when you can have a comic? Physical copies of The Long Night Is Over also includes a download code for the 9 track Earthling Brains album I’ll Leave A Light On For You’. Alternatively, the digital album comes with a PDF version of the comic (available here).

Let’s Celebrate Our Victory With Pizza – Earthling Brains Volume Two (2013)

Our heroes continue their inexorable march against the forces of mundanity! Expect more video games, running, hot water bottle politics and the Wedding Present. Collects #51-100 of the autobiographical webcomic strip.

I Had Hoped To Be Stubblier - Earthling Brains Volume One (2012)

What started as an excuse to practise drawing became a twice-weekly obsession, covering everything from haircut etiquette to Total Recall. Collects #1-50 of the autobiographical webcomic strip Earthling Brains.