Thursday, 15 August 2013

The launch of a brand new comic strip: Sounds Behind The Wall

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a brand new comic strip, Sounds Behind The Wall, on Friday 16th August 2013. It’s another diary-style comic, this time focusing on the trials and tribulations of making music and starting a band.

I hope that it will provide insight into juggling a creative pursuit with full time work (and how those two things co-exist), the DIY ethos, and all the bizarre and ridiculous stuff that happens when you try to make music. I don’t know of too many comics like that, especially not ones that document things in ‘real time’. I always find books/comics/music documentaries about the origins of indie bands interesting (even if I don’t like the music that much) so making a diary comic seemed like a good idea. The way I see it, rather than periodically getting a photo or news update from the band, you’ll get a comic instead!
I plan to upload a new six panel comic every two weeks and see how that goes (obviously material for the comic comes down to the activity of the band). I’ll review the frequency after a month or two. That said, I’m going to upload a number of comics over the next week or so, along with some demos and stuff, as it’s not every day you launch a new strip (and it’ll bring things up-to-date).
I’m not really sure how this is one is going to pan out… maybe it will finish after a few strips or maybe it will keep going indefinitely; it all comes down to what the band does. It should be an interesting ride!
(nb the Earthling Brains comic strip will continue to be published twice a week. As this site will now report on band activity as well as comics it’s likely to get a bit confusing if you just want to read one or the other. I’m going to go through the archive and label everything properly so that you can filter by whatever you want to read - bear with me whilst I sort this out!)